Installation and use of FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-aging sunlight board anti-aging daylighting board

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Installation and use of FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-aging sunlight board anti-aging daylighting board:

1. Before fixing the daylighting board, a pilot hole is needed, and the hole diameter must be 6-9mm larger than the diameter of the fixing screw, so as to be used for thermal expansion and cold contraction.

2. The daylighting board is fixed with aluminum fasteners, and the corrugated daylighting board is fixed with daylighting board bracket and self tapping screw, and then sealed with glue. The position of the daylighting board is generally set in the middle of the span.

3. When the daylighting board and steel plate are overlapped longitudinally, there must be a 200 mm overlap, and two Waterstops shall be attached.

4. There must be a cover plate when the daylighting board is connected with the self tapping screw. The hot and cold deformation of the sunlight board is large, and it is easy to be cut by the self tapping screw, so the sunlight board should open a larger hole at the self tapping screw. When installing the daylighting board, the flexibility of the daylighting board should be considered.

5. When fixing the daylighting board, a good flashing washer must be used to make it between the screw and the daylighting board, so as to prevent water and dust. After the flashing washer is inserted into the screw, the electric drill is used to lock it into the purlin to complete the fixation of the daylighting board.

6. There is no need to lap the daylighting plate within 12M, but it needs to lap the daylighting plate beyond 12m. The lap length is 200-400mm. Two layers of sealant are applied at the lap joint. There is no need to close the edge in the transverse lap joint. The lap joint of the longitudinal color steel plate depends on the plate type. The common profiled steel plate generally does not need to close the edge. It is directly fixed with the color plate with self tapping screws and coated with sealing glue. The bite plate needs to close the edge.

7. During the construction of the daylighting board, it is strictly forbidden to step on the wave crest directly to avoid the cracking of the daylighting board. A 1200 mm x 300 mm {L x W) anti-skid plank must be placed in the transverse position of the daylighting board, and the feet should step on it to carry out the work of guiding holes and fixing screws of the daylighting board

FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic corrosion resistant sunlight board anti-aging product characteristics

FRP tile (plate) is a green building material with the advantages of anti-corrosion, aging resistance, impact resistance, high transmittance, beautiful molding and low cost.

It has the characteristics of continuous molding, unlimited extension, light weight and high strength, aging resistance, light transmission, flame retardant, accurate size, smooth surface, random coloring, maintenance free, green environmental protection, etc. the products are widely used in large buildings, modern light steel structure color profiled board, greenhouse, stadium, aquaculture and other places.

Transparence: adopt natural light, healthy and energy-saving, diffuse optical fiber, comfortable, bright and soft, meet the requirements of human health function, transparence can be controlled between 0-90%.

Weather resistance: keep stable performance in the temperature range of - 40 ℃ - 120 ℃, without high temperature softening and high cold embrittlement; It can also be designed into a double-layer structure, which has better heat preservation effect, and is especially suitable for winter production of farms in northern cold areas.

Corrosion resistance: high strength, acid and alkali resistance, no oxidation, service life up to 20 years!

High strength: Super shock resistance, can block the impact of wind, snow and hail, avoid causing nail hole expansion crack and water leakage.

Flame retardant: the oxygen index of flame retardant daylighting board is less than or equal to 30%, reaching the national second grade flame retardant standard.

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