A high strength on-line continuous braided winding pultruded FRP round pipe

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        Due to the complete change of process conditions, xinbaoxin technology on-line continuous braiding, winding and pultrusion round pipe adopts long glass fiber for integral continuous forming under high temperature and high pressure. The on-line integral weaving, winding and pultrusion process of continuous fiber has achieved good product performance of continuous fiber FRP pipe, and has become the symbol of continuous fiber FRP round pipe. In other words, the round pipe with this integral forming process is the real high-strength FRP round pipe. The longitudinal and circumferential direction of the pipe contain dense glass fiber, which greatly improves the circumferential stiffness of the protective sleeve. Compared with the traditional FRP round pipe, the strength of continuous on-line braided winding pultruded round pipe has been greatly improved, and the stress resistance of fiber reinforced plastic round pipe is more prominent. Good electrical insulation. Especially suitable for FRP square pipe, round pipe and changeable FRP pultrusion profile

As long as the "FRP round pipe" in the market does not adopt the overall forming process, no matter how similar the appearance is and how many advertisements are, it can not be called FRP round pipe. The on-line braided winding pultruded FRP round pipe has a unique production process, and the process parameters can not be adjusted at will in the production process. The continuous braided winding pultruded circular pipe is three layers, the inner and outer layers are braided layers, and the middle layer is in the direction of infinite longitudinal braided ring. This new type of pipe avoids the shortcomings of traditional pipe and carries out high-precision high-temperature solidification of internal and external molds. It not only has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, good edge, high ring stiffness, high and low temperature resistance and long-term use, but also increases the product density by 35%. The manufacturing process is weaving, winding and pultrusion. Compared with the traditional pipeline, the stiffness of the ring is greatly improved and can withstand the external destructive force.

In addition, the product also adopts a new weaving production process, and its toughness has been greatly improved. At the same time, the product is easy to use, and its waterproof and antioxidant performance is better than the traditional pipe under high temperature treatment. It completely gets rid of the traditional pipe production process and adopts a self-developed new material, which is composed of two different materials and belongs to composite material. This is the first time in pipeline products. Therefore, many people were surprised by the release of these products. After all, most people are used to the traditional manufacturing process of pipeline products. This kind of pipe has many advantages. Compared with traditional pipes, the three-layer braided structure is more solid, not easy to damage, and the product quality is greatly improved. This means that its service life is longer than that of traditional pipes, which is undoubtedly an aspect of interest to consumers. This product meets the needs of consumers. There are obvious interleaving lines inside and outside, the texture is clear and symmetrical, the hand feeling is three-dimensional, the wall thickness is uniform, and there are few burrs. FRP on-line continuous braiding, winding and pultrusion round pipe has a strange appearance and looks like handicrafts. On line continuous braiding, winding and pultrusion round pipe is a kind of handicraft on the appearance of pipe products. In contrast, the traditional pipe products will be eliminated immediately, which will also stifle the traditional pipe products.

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