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Glass fiber mechanical molding

There are two basic conditions for FRP molding process in the preparation of FRP products. One is to need a set of forming mould, the other is to apply certain pressure during forming. However, not all processes using molds and pressure forming FRP products belong to molding process. For example, in the hand paste process,

   Various shapes of FRP mechanical molding products can be customized


     There are two basic conditions for FRP molding process in the preparation of FRP products. One is to need a set of forming mould, the other is to apply certain pressure during forming. However, not all processes using molds and pressure forming FRP products belong to molding process. For example, in the hand paste process, molds made of wood or gypsum are also used, and sometimes a certain low pressure is applied to the formed products. Therefore, according to the habit of International Classification and the specific situation of our country, the FRP molding process introduced by us is only limited to the following types: (L) pre corm matched die molding( 2) Premix or bulk (mass) molding compound molding method (prefix orb MC molding); SMC molding( 4) Molding method of high strength staple fiber( 5) Prepreg directional laying molding method