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professional design team, according to the main materials of glass fiber, carbon fiber, basalt fiber, combined with various processes such as molding, pultrusion, weaving, winding, etc., and customized personalized design according to customer needs


Xinbaoxin Technology Co., Ltd. has world-class quality testing laboratory, 4 production workshops and 2 production bases. It is a domestic advanced manufacturer of FRP pultrusion profiles, molded products, winding and weaving FRP pultrusion profiles

company has 23 FRP production equipment, 2 testing laboratories, 3 workshops and 1 warehouse for molding, pultrusion, winding, weaving, cutting and other FRP production equipment.

production team

FRP pultrusion products


composite materials, various process products

  • A high strength on-line continuous braided winding pultruded FRP round pipe

    Due to the complete change of process conditions, xinbaoxin technology on-line continuous braiding, winding and pultrusion round pipe adopts long glass fiber for integral continuous forming under high temperature and high pressure. The on-line integral weaving, winding and pultrusion process of continuous fiber has achieved good product performance of continuous fiber FRP pipe, and has become the symbol of continuous fiber FRP round pipe.

    4 2021-07-28
  • A new wear-resistant FRP square pipe

    Our company adopts a new process formula technology and process to produce a kind of FRP square tube with high wear resistance. Because there are many FRP profiles, FRP square tubes and FRP round tubes in the market, due to the characteristics of resin, many FRP profile products are very easy to be damaged or broken in the process of use. Many times, Most manufacturers use composite felt and woven cloth, but it can not solve the problem of forming FRP square pipe, FRP round pipe and FRP profile

    3 2021-07-28
  • Pultrusion FRP

    Guangdong xinbaoxin Technology Co., Ltd., the pultrusion FRP molding process, was studied as early as 1948, first registered in the United States in 1951, obtained a patent. It developed slowly in the 1960s, and entered a stage of rapid development in the 1970s-1980s. The research of pultrusion FRP forming process in China is not too late. In 1968, Beijing No.251 factory took

    12 2021-07-15
  • Installation and use of FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-aging sunlight board anti-aging daylighting board

    Guangdong Xin Bao Xin Technology Co., Ltd., FRP FRP anti-corrosion sunlight plate anti-aging daylighting board installation and use: 1. the lighting panel needs pilot holes before fixing, and the aperture must be larger than 6-9mm of the fixed screw diameter, so that it can be used as thermal expansion and cold contraction. 2. The daylighting board is fixed with aluminum fasteners, and the waveform daylighting board adopts daylighting board support and self

    6 2021-07-15

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Engineering Case

engineering case

FRP imitation wood products can replace the existing wood products, prevent termites, and have a service life of up to 20 years without fading. It can be used in various environments. The imitation wood glass fiber reinforced plastic products produced by our company can use various indoor and outdoor products.


The application and application type of FRP profile

FRP profiles have been widely used for their superior structural properties;

Water and wastewater treatment plant


 chemical plant       Catering facilities       General production facilities






Distribution application      Ship applications and shipyards       Coastal and scaffolding applications

Architecture and building applications        Home and garden applications

Public and commercial applications        They can be used for special applications.

Example of application type:

Access platform   Bridge framework    Stair frame     protect    Structural beam     Cable conduit

Interior decoration bracket      Lifting system      Cooling tower

Shelf system

      And it can be applied to similar needs

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About Us

Guangdong Xinbaoxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise located in Huiyang District, Huizhou City. The company was established in 2010. Currently, Dongguan Xinbaoxin Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Xinbaoxin Technology Co., Ltd. and Xinbaoxin Technology Co., Ltd. are mainly engaged in the design, production and processing, product development, production and sales of polymer composite products such as fiber pultrusion, fiber pultrusion and winding, glass fiber pultrusion and winding, glass fiber pultrusion and winding, glass fiber pultrusion and weaving, glass fiber pultrusion and winding, glass fiber pultrusion special-shaped customized products, glass fiber carbon brazing customized products, the company has 23 production lines, 21 automatic cutting equipment, the company currently has first-class production lines and perfect testing technology equipment, the company now has Dongguan, Huizhou two production bases, covering an area of 15000 square meters, with Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou, experimental and production bases, the company for design, development, production, A large-scale industry integrating sales and service.

At present, the company has domestic first-class production lines and perfect testing methods, has established a standardized quality management mechanism, has reached the ISO9001 international quality standards, and various products have reached the domestic advanced level in the same industry. The products have complete specifications and excellent quality, and are widely used in infrastructure construction fields such as electricity, communications, water supply, sewage, transportation, and civil aviation airports.